Perry Como

Perry Como, the American born singer songwriter, a favorite for many decades for people around the world. But how much does the public really know about Perry Como? Sure we can rattle off a few songs here and there, maybe we know he was married, but what about the real stuff? What exactly is the Perry Como Profile?


Here are some little known facts about the Late Great Perry Como;

The Top 10 REAL Facts about Perry Como.


  1. Perry Como was born Pierino Ronald “Perry” Como

  2. Como was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Coming from a family of 12, Perry was the 7th Both parents coming from Italy, he had a tremendous Italian following in America.

  3. He started his working career as a barber! He would sing songs to his customers while cutting their hair.

  4. Contrary to most showbiz relationships, Perry Como only married once, to Roselle Como. They were married in 1933 until Roselle’s passing in 1998. Bucking the marriage divorce marriage divorce trend of the average showbiz couple. Perry met Roselle when he was 17 years old. An old fashioned man, Perry Como had obviously met the girl of his dreams and hung onto her. The went on to have 3 children.

  5. Perry was notoriously private, and rarely subjected his family to public scrutiny. Always declining family interviews and or pictures of his family home.

  6. Perry Como and family were staunch practicing Roman Catholics, taking every opportunity to attend mass whether at home in America or abroad.

  7. Perry Como was at the same time, praised and mocked for his casual laid back style. It appeared that the press would love his casual attitude as long as it fitted into their articles of the day. At other times they press would condone his casual attitude as lackadaisical and uncaring. Many of his true friends would comment that Perry Como was a true gentleman, always casual and relaxed, he did have a temper on occasion, but nothing out of the ordinary. Al though Como’s circle of close friend’s was small, t was very loyal and very tight. There was never any back stabbing or muck raking to come out of his personal friendships.

  8. Perry Como has three stars on the Hollywood walk of fame, eclipsing so many other stars of the day. He also was the recipient of many prestigious awards, creating professional jealousy amongst his contemporaries. Awards ranging from Grammies, Emmys a Peabody Award, a Grammy Lifetime Award and more!

  9. Wikipedia cites information from over 270 books articles and Biographies. Truly one of the times great artists, it was as though there could not be enough written about the Perry Como Profile.

  10. One of Perry Como’s greatest loves was golf, he was renowned for playing a game at the drop of a hat. He also adored fishing, always bringing his catch home to his wife for their evening meal.


There you have it, the top 10 REAL facts about Perry Como, did you learn something new? Perry Como is certainly a class act from a bygone era, raising his family in an old fashioned honest way. Keeping his children on the straight and narrow, and not letting them his wife or himself be swallowed up in all of the glitz and glamour that was Hollywood and showbiz. It would be difficult for any reporter to find anything scandalous about Perry Como, it makes you ponder if that is because he was so very private, keeping his business where it belonged, in house. Or was it because he was so truly fulfilled by his own family, a darling life long wife and three beautiful children, and keeping them safe and protected, that he had neither time nor desire to partake in anything contrary or scandalous. Regardless of whatever the answer is, Perry Como, the singing gentleman, will always be time honored and remembered as one of the greats, the singing barber, what you saw was what you got, and baby that was a lot!

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